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We can help with your device.


Here you can find out what we repair and maybe solve the problem you might be facing with your device


Here we can transfer from the old to the new, the broken to the working and also from the outdated to the up to date


Here we can guide you with how to get what YOU want to achieve, like calling family across the world to printing photos from your sofa

Summer Holidays are here and things are getting a bit over the top. Due to multiple visit emergencies on Friday 12th and Tuesday 16th, Intense same day demand Saturday 13th, there is a delay to Voicemail for the next few days at least. iPad repairs are at least 2 weeks delay due to finding time to do this.

Visit are currently FULLY Booked until 22nd July including DOUBLE Booking.

Basic Information


1 Lockyer Mews

Paddons Row



Lease has been renewed for shop so 3 years is goal to last or GTA VI release date for sales there. Shop window has been cleared for advertising renovation aka posters from suppliers,  closed during the period had small time to get sign fixed as well. 

Please note: General electronics such as Massage Chairs, dog collars, tv remotes,  Headphones, Radios are NOT repaired from us aka we do not offer them.


Our Opening Times – Changed* as of 16/01/2024  due to past customer demand  causing staff burnout 

Monday: Closed due to Customer visits

Tuesday: 09:45 – 17:00

Wednesday: 09:45– 17:00

Thursday: 09:45– 17:00

Friday: 09:45– 17:00

Saturday: 09:45– 17:00

Sundays – Not viable to open 

  • Please note there are going to be times where this will be delayed in opening due to urgent visits, admin tasks and delays in transport or other circumstances. Many thanks for people that do aheare and wait until said  door ends up open with sign saying open,  do not slam/knock on the door  This applies to any day.  Those that do enter when shop is closed might be subject to a £10 entering when closed charge. 

Original since launch in 2020 , including when sign was clearly showing location of the business before request for the sign move due to floral from nearby businesses


Photo from 1st December 2023

Photo from 1st December 2023


Also due to other database issues out of our control with the repair ticketing system, there might be issues with keeping records and job updates internally, we have workarounds but will be on a delay basis for this. This was meant to be planned to be sorted but due to having to open and rush accounts to open due to customer demand, this might get pushed back. 


Here you can see what we can offer you.  A mix of us, our sister brand Playom for now. 

The Following is offered by us, these prices are guidelines, sometimes the cost might be lower or higher due to location and time:

  • PC Building – £40 per Hour. This can include a lesson on how to build a PC or Motherboard/Case replacement fitting (Motherboard or Case is an extra cost of the board order is needed) – This does NOT include a OS reinstall (Cost is further down) , Water Cooling and more than 2 x ARGB fans/devices can cause build delays depending on Cases and Fans used and can make it nearly 3 hours labour

  • Android Phone repair (if no soldering required)  – £40 Per hour + Cost of Part  – 

    • Please note, screens that do NOT use frames will cost 2 charged hours of labour OR risk/void warranty to fit in the 2 hour time frame that most repairs like this take due to the issues with frameless android screens. Samsung J series are not affected by this 

    • Pixel Screens are now £80 fitting due to the warranty issues that come with it 
    • Phones which just require replacements screens which do not show a picture to be for temporary transfer that do NOT support External screens such as Pixels, Samsung Galaxy A Series and Most entry level phones below the £300 retail 
  • Android Tablet repair  – £60 for labour (2 hours minimum)  + cost of parts 

  • Apple iPad repairs  – £90 (3 hours minimum) + Cost of part (except non ipad pro charge ports due to micro soldering)  iPad Screens if glass only are around £25 then £90 for fitting, £115 Total. Applies from ipad 6th  – iPad 9th Generation (iPad Air 2 and pros are not in this pricing bracket so call to ask on those screens. 

  • Software installations   – From £15

  • Password/account Resets: £20 per average hour  

  • Virus Removal –  £40.

  • Device Setups if not purchased from us either in shop or delivered to location, If in Tavistock Area – £40,  outside areas mentioned further down is £60 .  

  • Router/Wifi network  Setup @ Home if in Tavistock Area- £30. 

  • Operating System Vanilla Install or Hard Drive transfer- £40. This doesn’t just mean Windows install, we can install other operating systems as well. This also includes FITTING of Drive 

  • Upgrades or Part Replacements (Laptops)  – Minimum Charge of £30 per Part fitting + Cost of Part. Keyboard replacements on newer laptops are Palm reset replacements which can start from £50 but prices CHANGE OFTEN, Then it can cost £60 for  2 x hours labour due to having to remove all components to then refit on to said palmrest . Hinges can also affect the palmest or bottom cover and screen back cover, so be aware the price for parts might be more expensive again. 

  • Standard 15.6″ non touch screen Laptop Screen Replacement Matte –  From £80  – This can vary due to the different types of laptop screens.

    • Macbook Screens are £90 fitting + Cost of screen due to potential issues with fragility and sourcing of working screens without issues of weakness according to one customer that had a refund due to a light thumb press caused screen to break. 

  • Game Console Repairs  – From £40 per hour + Cost of part, there is a gamble or chance with any console repairs that require soldering or heat treatment which can damage parts, this can cause either delays with replacing said damage due to heat needed or worst case has to be sent to another provider. HDMI Ports and Switch Charging Ports are £100 inc part and fitting attempt cost/labour,  which might not survive locally or potential send off for X weeks which is higher success rate



Other services that we offer but are not listed here are usually charged on a Basis of £30 per hour in the Tavistock Area (Up to Whitchurch, Peter Tavy, Gunnislake, Calstock are also for evenings).  Lessons will be at £30 for the first hour.

If outside of the Tavistock Area (Horrabridge, Yelverton, Crapstone, Chillaton, Lydford, Princetown, Mary Tavy, Brentor, Bere Alston, Lifton/Lewdown) Then the cost is a Basis of £40 per hour. These Visits can mostly be done during the Day on Monday afternoons after 3pm due to e-cycle to said location.  Plymouth visits can be arranged but will be in advance . 


Sunday Visits anywhere unless agreed in long 2 week + advance/ or regular customers are on basis £60 for Tavistock Area and £80 for outside Tavistock area. 

Visits that are booked during Shop hours outside of main town centre can be up to £80 minimum charge, £40 for inside town centre 


Please Note: We do NOT currently offer purchasing of pre owned devices/tech and/or games from the general public unless exceptional circumstances which probably cause issues with warranty down the line if resold (More related to phones than desktops and laptops). We are fully booked in on donations on old laptops at this time too which will cause a long time of delays with organisation to get the time to get them refurbished for sale without delay of repairs to customer devices or even bookkeeping to the risk of Legal action for delay of accounts upkeep.

This has also caused some video game releases to be delayed for our sister business, Playom.

Please note if customers do insist on upfront Payments (which means the item is ordered after money goes into the bank) for items under £1500 then the below applies

  • 2 to 3 weeks delay if card payment
  • 3 months + for Cash payment

If over 1500 then it is going to be complex and needs discussions if its not items from suppliers we have credit limits with.


Please Note:

Also Please note that texts are only able to be sent from us and received might not work correctly due to the way Landlines handle texts, we are waiting for provider to find a workaround on this.

Due to Sign repositioning, there will be some stock displaced and shop windows organising to save marketing costs on a sign that might not have best impact above shop door. . Also due to door repairs in future, might be as delay on some orders but dates might get announced as and when


We are No longer ACCEPTING BACS payments due to hardly enough time to get invoices of BACS sorted out until further notice for customers requesting this, This should be able to be resolved before end of march if lucky. This tends to get ignored so it means there is NO ETA on when an invoice that is needing to be processed will be sorted.